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Own by Several Governments and persons in various countries.


Suriname               Cabinet of the President /the Vice-President

                            Ministry of  Education and Popular Education


                            Central Bank of Suriname

                            De Surinaamse Bank of Suriname


                            Energie Bedrijf Suriname

                            Suriname Waterleiding Maatschappij

                            FATUM, verzekering maatschappij

                            Assuria, verzekering maatschappij

                            Ministry of  Social affaire

                            Suriname Museum         

Brazil                     President Sarney

                            Museum Brasilia (2000)

                            Suriname Embassy, Ambassador Christoffer, (2000)

Cayenne                Government

India                     Ambassador, (1990)

                            Vice-President of India (1993)

                            Suriname Embassy, (2004)

                            Minister  of Overseas Affairs, Vayalar Ravi, (2007)

Venezuela             Colonel of Venezuela (1997)

Nederland              Public collection

Indonesia              Minister of Foreign Affairs

Aruba                    Private collection

Trinidad                 Public collection / Suriname Embassy (2005)

Jamaica                 OAS, Office(1978)

Egypt                     Ministry of Culture, Director General of Egyptian Centre(2003)

                             First Undersecretary for Foreign Cultural Relations

                             Ministry of Culture, General Manager

Guyana                  President of the Republic

Haiti                      Public collection

China                    Public collection

Belgium                 Public collection

Germany                Public collection

Curacao                 Public collection

Italy                      Public collection

Engeland                EU Meadowcroft Michael (2000)

Washington D.C.     Art Museum of the Americas (private collection)(2000)

Finland                   Private collection

Suriname                Public collection

Nederland               Suriname Embassy (2008)

Nederland               Sarnamihuis (2008)